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Tae Painting Megan & Mel Mel Group Shot
New Orleans Stairs Tagged House Lower Ninth  

As part of a Cisco team meeting in July 2006, we had an “in-service” day. On what was a regular workday, we painted 2 schools in the New Orleans area that had been affected by Hurricane Katrina. Afterwards we toured sections of the city that had been devastated by the storm. The worst was the Lower Ninth District which was a poor neighborhood build along the levy that broke.

Almost one year after Katrina, it still looked like a war zone, as government officials and survivors haggle over property rights. Since most homes in this area had been in their families for generations, not many had deeds to their homes, so it is unlikely that the rightful owners will be able to prove ownership and move back to the area. The city has rebuilt a sturdy levy wall, but most likely it will now protect an industrial complex, not private homes.